Bring remote teams together

Raise your team's engagement to the next level with effective and agile discussions

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A better way to run discussions

Run focused and timely remote meetings and retrospectives based on the flexible Lean Coffeeâ„¢ format.

Focus on what's most important

Source ideas and points of discussion from the crowd. Decide on the most important topics. Discuss them from most important to least. Spend your time on what's important now.

  • Interact and involve the participants, constantly

    Rely on the assembled group to bring ideas to share and bubble up what the crowd deems important. Call for thumbs and votes. Keep interest and focus naturally with this flow.

  • Flexible categories

    With no fixed format, is flexible enough for any retrospective format from "What Went Well?, What Didn't Go Well?" to 4Ls to "Mad Sad Glad" and other custom formats.

  • Deep discussion

    Promote deep and engaging discussions by focusing on what's most important. Capture notes and takeaways with each topic. Do all of this in real-time.

Focus on what's important

Easily guide the conversation

Run engaging and focused meetings smoothly with your team remotely or in-person

  • Direct flow with phases

    Make it easy to participate by using phases to brainstorm on data and ideas, to prioritize topics with voting, and to focus the group around profound discussions.

  • Batteries-included

    Keep the meeting flowing with time boxes. Call for quick votes to continue a topic or move on. Jot down takeaways and action items.

  • Open or Private Discussions

    Host open meetings with anonymous participants, or enjoy the privacy of restricting the meeting to the team. We care about security and take it seriously so that your data stays secure. We encrypt data at rest with LUKS and in transit with SSL.

Easily guide the conversation

Get in the flow

Turn your discussions into actions and help your team grow week after week

  • Keep in touch with regularly occurring Series

    Easily group and navigate repeating meetings. Never forget what happened last time. Never update another calendar invite with a new board.

  • Always on the latest

    Share a link to the Latest board in a Series. Make it easy to be in the right place at the right time.

  • Remember the important topics with Actions

    Bring previous Actions forward to recap and follow up on needs. Don't let what's important slip through the cracks.

Get in the flow

Build trust and understanding

Hold collaborative 1:1s with team members with live, collaborative notes and private notes

  • Build rapport and insight

    Build a strong relationship with team members. Dig in and understand what's important. Help your team members grow in their careers.

  • Mentor and coach

    Have a time and place to celebrate wins and growth. Give space for feedback and course corrections.

  • Eliminate roadblocks

    Understand current challenges, relationships with other teams, and coordinate across organizations.

Build trust and understanding

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Free with limits, no credit card required