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Every group needs to hold regular meetings, updates, reviews, and discussions. Often these meetings are agenda-less, meandering, and simply not useful for most of the attendees.

Creating agendas beforehand can be like herding cats: time-consuming, prone to change at a moment’s notice, too chaotic to see if your efforts are paying off, and often hijacked by the loudest cat.

What if meetings could be different? offers Lean Coffee™-style dialogues. Skip pre-making the agenda, and let the participants create a plan on the fly filled with their topics. Use the Timer, Theme lists, and Voting to help participants keep conversations on point, organize thoughts, and indicate the group’s most critical topics.

Takeaways and Actions record essential points and next steps during conversations. Use “Call For Thumbs” to gauge interest or investment. By focusing the group on the most crucial topics, expect greater and deeper participation.

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